Save a Life, Change a Life


Gabe is a two year old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Dog cross

Sophia, our young assistant trainer, started Gabe’s training and it was continued by one of our fabulous long-time students and facility dog handler Sonia. 

He works now his young man who is one of the best young handlers that I’ve met – somebody who promises not only to handle his own service dog with panache, but who we will likely rope into fostering potentials for us in the future!


Sadie is a two year old German Shepherd tested and pulled from German Shepherd Rescue in Tulsa. She bonded very quickly with her young man, and has proven to be a deliberate, thoughtful, and gentle dog.
From David’s mother:

“I am Susan Pink, a single mom of three and David is my oldest. At the age of 4 we realized David was special.  After many doctors and different medications, David was officially diagnosed at the age of 9 with Autism. As he gets older, his level of severity is increasing.  David suffers from anxiety and has difficulty being in the public, attending school, or even functioning with extended family.  The dog can remind him to take his medicine, calm David down during high anxiety times, but above all, the dog will be able to alert me or a family member if something is wrong with David. I have been informed by Davids Psychologist that David will live with me or in a group home for the rest of his life. The service dog will be used to make significant lifestyle changes for my son.”