Save a Life, Change a Life


Assistant Trainer Jessica found Kelly one day on her way to her day job – chewing happily on a stick in the median to get on the BA on Sheridan and 41st in the middle of Tulsa. Of course, she always stops for stray dogs – it’s “Dog Karma”, and what she would hope somebody would do for her dogs if they were lost. At first, frustrated, she couldn’t get the dog to come to her, until a tall, weathered homeless fellow abandoned his post at the on-ramp and over Kelly came, gamboling and smiling at his side. Of course, Jessica insisted that she not take the dog from him – after all, the homeless deserve their companions just as much as anybody does – but he insisted, saying that though she had accompanied him for two months it was “time” for her to move on. 

Jessica took the sweet little dog home, and vitally impressed with her pizzazz, intelligence, and swift learning accepted that she was meant to be a service dog with Glad Wags (though if the timing was better, she probably would have kept her as a personal dog!)

So, Kelly was offered to Joe, her person, and her training as a hearing dog began. Kelly has been in training for a year now, and this December will be going home with Joe to act as his companion and helper. She has already fallen deeply in love with him, and performs her duties with respect to the importance of the tasks and the absolute joyousness that is her characteristic trait. Jessica will really miss this little dog. She is truly something really special.