Save a Life, Change a Life

Welcome to Glad Wags Service Dogs!

Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions otherwise known as FAQ

What type of Service Dogs do you train?

We currently train all types of Service Dogs - Wheelchair Assist, Seizure Alert, Diabetic Alert, Narcolepsy, PTSD, Balance/Mobility, Dogs for Bipolar Disorder, Autism and Hearing Dogs.

Do you charge for your Service Dogs?

Yes, based on the type of Service Dog you need there is a fee. We are a small grass-roots organization and work at being self-sufficient to maintain our program. We accept donations of course but are busy training dogs not raising money. Therefore we can place dogs more quickly and without extended waiting times for our dogs. Typically it is just the amount of time to actually train the dog.

So you will be expected to pay for your dog…we take one-third down of the price of your trained start the search for the dog best suited to your family. Once we have found your dog you will begin monthly payments. Your dog must be paid in full sixty days before the date of delivery. There are NO REFUNDS so be sure you have done your research and are committed to having a Service Dog.

Fund raising is easier than you may anticipate…many of our clients raise their money thru GOFUNDME. Or other social media sites. We are always available to attend a fund raiser or help with ideas. Many employers have matching fund types of donations and we are a 501 (c) 3  charity so donations are always tax deductible. Your church community and family members are always good resources you will be surprised when you actually put the request out there.

You will be expected to attend training classes with your dog as the training progresses. We do not place dogs in homes suddenly. We need the dog to be emotionally ready and somewhat bonded with you before we deliver the dog to your home.

You will bear the cost of transportation to and from training classes and the cost of us delivering the dog to your home. So be sure to build those costs into your fundraising. We do and have placed dogs nationally. Again you will bear the costs of pre-delivery training and delivery costs to your home.

What type of dogs do you use?

We are very committed to our motto “Save a Life” “Change a Life”

We are not a “breed specific” training facility. We use dogs from shelters and rescues for our Service Dogs. We do not breed dogs to be used for Service Dogs. That type of program creates needless overhead and there are thousands of very trainable dogs available that can change your life.

We do not use puppies or start puppies..You are at least two years away from having a useable Service Dog if you start with a puppy.

What is the age limit for placing dogs?

We do not have limits on age of recipients for our service dogs…each family is different with different situations. Each family is evaluated individually. Common sense will dictate whether a Service Dog is practical for an individual or family.

Can we have other pets in the family?

Generally we do place our dogs with other pets in the household. However we have very stringent requirements for the current pets especially other dogs…the family dogs cannot have poor behaviors as they will transmit those behaviors to the well-trained Service Dog and the Service Dog may quit working if other pets interfere with it constantly. You may be asked to bring the current family dog(s) to classes to become well-trained before the Service Dog is delivered. The cost of training the family dog is our normal basic training cost.

Can I use my own dog as a Service Dog?

Generally that does not work well…for you or the dog. We are not opposed to someone using their own dog however the requirements for that are again are very stringent and require testing and you will have to dramatically change your relationship with your pet. We have a testing fee of $100.00 to test your dog and then there is a fee for our “Self-Training program and requires a year’s worth of work with us. You will attend weekly classes for a year…before we would certify your dog. We take pride in our passion and commitment to training Service Dogs.

We are not the typical Service Dog training facility.

Again we ask to you to do your research and are always honored to be part of “Changing” your life.


Marjorie Satterfield

President/Master Trainer