Save a Life, Change a Life


Abby is a blue merle smooth collie donated to us kindly by Linda Holloway of Ability Stockdogs.

The Little Lighthouse has reached out to us for a facility dog – a dog that works at a facility such as a nursing home, school, or church and does therapy work for the residents or students. Facility dogs are held to a very high standard of obedience and behavior, and our facility dogs are trained to tasks such as getting help in an emergency.

Abby will be accompanying her owners daily to work at the Little Lighthouse with dozens of special needs children. We are honored and grateful for this opportunity to work with this organization.


Boomer is a Standard Poodle and the facility dog for Windsor Place Assisted Living in Coffeyville, Kansas. His handler, Sonia, has been one of our most dedicated students and valued members of the Glad Wags family – she has fostered a few of our service dogs in training, and continues to help with events, workshops, and fundraisers.

Boomer is an exemplary dog and exhibits a very high level of obedience and discipline – he provides comforts for the folks living at his facility, while always being a gentleman and following strict rules like no dogs in the dining area! Boomer has also competed in Rally Obedience with Sonia, as well as being a sharp demo dog and a gentle, kind therapy dog both at work and at events, and he continues to be one of our best long time students. He often alerts Sonia to some of the resident’s issues and knows to fetch help in the case of an emergency.