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Directed Self Training Program

Many of our dogs have been produced through a unique directed self-training program, where we help you select your service dog, start, and maintain the training of your service dog throughout the lifetime of the dog. 

We strongly believe that service dog handlers must become highly competent dog trainers in their own right. As service dog trainers, we cannot be with our teams at all times in all situations, so we must pass training skills to our teams for them to be successful. 

This is why the self training program works, and works well. You are committed to the success of your dog, and invested in their training, and we train you how to handle, teach, and troubleshoot your dog from the beginning to the end. This program is also for those who are attempting to self-train a dog and encountering problems with this process - we can help get you back on the right track. 

Persons in the self-training program must be willing to travel weekly to our training center in Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend class. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and comitment to produce a self-trained dog